Thursday, June 4, 2009

A new panel plugin

I eventually created my first xfce panel plugin. Since foresight started to use indicator-applet and notify-osd, I wanted to have a native plugin to avoid using indicator-applet with xfapplet.
Today, I got it working. For now it's located at the Foresight Linux hg server.

indicate new messagesand show them

It still needs some tweaking, like translating the only string that can be visible and do proper resizing of the icon.
But for now it works. It needs indicator-applet from 0.2 branch.
Concerning Foresight Xfce Edition. It's still on my list, I almost released a set of isos, but I had some issues with them, that need to be solved first. Expect them soonish (as always).


Nick said...

Congrats with your first panel plugin! Code looks good, except that you could use g_str_has_prefix for the .so check.

Corsac said...

Hmhm, looks pretty good. Do you intend to release a stable version?

AbrahamNee said...

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