Tuesday, September 2, 2008

xfce trunk

Some of you may have recognized that xfce-4.6 alpha (aka pinkie) still isn't released.
I just decided to pack xfce directly from trunk.
It's available at xfce.rpath.org@xfce:devel.
there are some minor problems when updating to group-xfce=xfce.rpath.org@xfce:devel, so that you probably need to remove some packages not needed anymore.
It's not build automaticly from trunk (yet) and I still use the xfce goodies from fl:2.
using trunk for xfce-goodies would be a next step though.
Here are 2 screnshots:

xfce & thunar
This is xfce with thunar and a "rolled in" Terminal

xfce without thunar
But thunar hides the mouse, so I closed it