Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Goodby Foresight

Little more than a year ago I posted about the bright future of foresight linux.
Well it looks like this won't happen any more.
Yesterday Michael announced our decision to bury (or at least it feels like this) foresight linux.
I've been involved in foresightlinux for ~ 10 years and it's hard when such a long period ends. I will miss foresight and the people that formed it.
Special Thanks to Ken Vandine who started that whole thing 10+ years ago.
Here is the announcement:

The Foresight Linux Council has determined that there has
been insufficient volunteer activity to sustain meaningful new
development of Foresight Linux. Faced with the need either to
update the project's physical infrastructure or cease operations,
we find no compelling reason to update the infrastructure.

Therefore, around the end of May, the following will be shut down:
* Software repositories (Foresight Linux and legacy rBuilder Online
* JIRA and Confluence servers
* Shared development infrastructure
* Mailing lists, including these lists

The domain will remain as an informal "alumni
association" for an indefinite amount of time, along with the
project IRC channels for as long as they are in use.

Volunteers to host read-only copies of the JIRA/Confluence
and/or mailing list archives should respond to
foresight-devel (at) in the next few days,
while the lists are still operational.

Hosting the repositories in read-only mode would be non-trivial;
requiring approximately 2.5TB of storage; simply moving the data
would be a substantial task. Do not assume that the repository
contents will be retained.

The Foresight Linux Council would like to extend our thanks to the
Software Freedom Conservancy, our corporate home, for their support
of Foresight Linux and of software freedom generally. We would also
like to thank SAS Institute for providing physical infrastructure and
hosting for the past two and a half years, as well as for offering
to refresh the infrastructure. This decision to retire Foresight
Linux was entirely the council's.

To those of us who have been a part of this community for up
to ten years, this feels a little like a death. If you wish to
celebrate the life of this project, please discuss soon on the
foresight-devel (at) list or on IRC on the #foresight-devel channel when and how to do so.

On behalf of the Foresight Linux Council,

Michael K Johnson